One Stop Engineering Services & Coating Solution Centre in :

  • Thermal Spray processes
  • Hard Chrome Plating
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturing
  • Sealing solutions
  • Electro Metallizing
  • Aluminium Anodizing
  • Hard Face Welding
  • Metal Cladding
  • Industrial Paint Coating
  • Beta Glass Flake Coating
Thermal Spray
Hard Chrome
Specialized Engineering
On-Site Service
R & D Coating 1.1
metal stich
Wet blasting

Service Support

We the staff at BETA, appreciate and accept the common catch phrase from customers - better, faster and cheaper, so our action in line with is to.....

  • provide well trained Application Specialists with real time knowledge and competency insure high quality, reliable and efficient service.
  • provide prompt respond and advice on coating slutions using appropriate surface enhancement technology for salvage of component thus saving replacement costs,reduce inventory and cut downtime to the minimum which is translates to higher productivity. 
  • strategic smart partnership located in major industrial towns in Malaysia at your doorstep the shortest time possible.

 Smart Partnership Network:

  • Strategic partnership network ensures close customer proximity throughout Malaysia with quick on-site deployments to educe waiting-time and down-time costs.
  • we have also established a Resource Recovery Committee to assist customers in identifying components to be salvaged using thermal-spray processes and other advanced surface engineering technologies.



For more information please contact:

Mr David Chue h/p 012-3856-280

Mr Vincent Tan
Mr Chu Ting Lih